Production of grapes
Year by year “ GD – TIKVES “ Corporation intends to increase the grape fields and to begin the production of new types

Repro center
There is also a repro center that exist in the frame on the “GD – TIKVES” Corporation . It produces healthy quality certified grapevine material.


Desk : +389(0)43 415 916

G.Manager : +389(0)43 412 433

Com.Dep: +389(0)43 412 852

Fax : +389(0)43 412 852

e- mail :


1.Production of grapes and fruits;

2.Production of Cereals and forage cultures;

3.Production of seed materials for the grapevines;

4.Cultivation of sheep herd i.e. production of meat, milk, cheese and wool;

5.Sale of it's products.



SHEEP CULTIVATION -- Additional engagement of the employes enriches the whole production with the cultivation of its own sheep herd of the race WINTERBERG . The total number is approximately 2500.


About us --

The nature was very generous towards the Tikvesh region and even two millenniums ago determined this same part of the wonderfull Macedonian land to be planted with grapevine.A lot of undeleted testimonies...

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